Kathleen's philosophy about design and education is founded on her studies at the Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology, where experimental learning and creative approaches to problem solving were encouraged. These experiences refined her ideas about what is effective in childrens' educational materials. Her books and guides provide teachers and parents with a valuable learning tool that helps kids explore and absorb complex subjects while they enjoy themselves.

Kathleen has made presentations on childrens' books at the National Museum Publishing Seminar. She has received grants from the Graham Foundation, the Pasadena Community Foundation (with the Gamble House), and the City of Pasadena Cultural Affairs Department (with the Pasadena Museum of History).

Below: A spread from the Getting There guide illustrates Kathleen's approach to content presentation. Getting There is an introduction to trolley transportation in Los Angeles: past, present,and future. Kathleen created the borders at the top and bottom of the spread with colorful trolley ephemera—most are 1934 Los Angeles Railway weekly passes.